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Mi Casa Su Casa FAQ

Are we allowed to bring our own furniture rentals?

Yes you are, however we do not store/move our current furniture out of the venue.

Are we allowed to have a bounce house outside?

We do allow bounce houses however we do not allow water slides being that we want to be sure our outdoor area is ready and dry for our following rentals.

Are we allowed to move the furniture around?

Yes you can move the furniture and arrange it however you’d like in the venue. We just ask that you put it back how you found it after your event.

Can I bring my own vendors?

Yes you can. We do have a list of recommended vendors if you would like to check them out here.

Do you have a kitchen?

We do not, we have a serving kitchen which includes a fridge, freezer, and microwave.

Do you have a speaker or sound system?

We have a sound system that is bluetooth and super easy to work with. However we do not allow loud music past 9pm. We also have WIFI. We do not have a projector.

How far in advance should I book?

We are booked out easily 8 months out for events. Saturdays being our most popular day. I would recommend inquiring and putting down your deposit as soon as you have a date and time squared away.

How much time do I get for setup and clean up?

You are allowed 1 hour prior to your event to set up. You have 1 hour to clean up after your event. This is included in your rental fee.

Is alcohol allowed at the venue?

BYO Beer & Wine. If you choose to serve liquor at your event you are required to hire law enforcement (which runs at $50 an hour). Otherwise you are able to bring and serve your own beer and wine.

What is required for me to clean up in order for me to receive my deposit back?

We have a simple check-list that we will send to you when booking. We mainly ask that you clean up after your event, move the furniture how you found it. Check out our rental agreement and clean-up checklist for more details.

What is required for me to save my date and book my event?

Once you have decided on a date and time and we confirm it is still available. We will send you a rental agreement, clean up checklist, and $150 invoice deposit. Once you have submitted your rental agreement online form and a $150 deposit is paid we will send you a confirmation email with your rental information.

What is the max capacity of the event venue?

We allow for 60 people MAX capacity in the space. We like to say that 50 people will fit comfortably with plenty of room including tables and chairs.

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