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Mi Casa Su Casa is a beautiful space for you to host your next celebration. We provide the space allowing you to creatively plan your own party using local vendors or your very own DIY party essentials.  


Serving Kitchen

10 Farmhouse Tables

50 Antique Wood Chairs

3 Cocktail Tables

Party Serveware

Accent Piece Furniture

Fun Party Decor Pieces


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We offer several different packages for events. We are sure you will be able to find something that best fits your event. 

We can also customize any of our packages. 

Please continue to the bottom of this page for our different packages. 

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Set up / Clean up

All events include a 1 hour set-up and 30 minute clean-up. You are able to book extra time if you would like. 

We have a simple clean-up checklist. Upon checking out, if you complete the checklist you will receive your deposit back.

Party Planning

The Fun Part!

Make your party your very own.

We offer a list of our preferred vendors we recommend, but feel free to use any vendor you would like.


Feel free to DIY this party all on your very own! 


Weekend Events


Each Day We Offer: 

3 Hour minimal rental period

$100 an hour rental fee

$150 Deposit

1 hour set up/

30min clean up 


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Weekday Events


$40 an Hour 

$150 Deposit

30min set up

30min cleanup

Venue Welcome Info

Venue Rules

Venue Clean Up